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The picture then cuts to the security guard for a second, then when it cuts back to the sniper the bolt on his rifle is once again open.Harare - Record-breaking rains in Zimbabwe have left at least 246 people dead and more than 2 000 displaced - but they've also had a devastating effect on schools in several parts of the country.

In 2016, MSF supported the rollout of viral load monitoring for patients on ARVs country-wide.In Harare, MSF offered comprehensive support to survivors of sexual violence and health services to adolescents in the urban district of Mbare.In Epworth polyclinic, MSF provided care for HIV, TB, and multidrug-resistant TB, and provided cervical cancer screenings and early treatment for HIV-positive women.Over the past few years, there’s been a wave of successful mainstream artists using African beats and dancehall in their music.Being a native of Zimbabwe, what are you feelings on that, if any? It’s about time Africa starts getting shine for how special it is.Tweeted @bayhaus: "There's a certain sadness I felt watching this.

But ma Zimba are nice peeps." He added: "My take away of this vid is despite how the cops have treated citizens, citizens refuse to stoop to the same level by exercising restraint."Zimbabwean @xandatoto was clearly against the online shaming, tweeting: "I saw a callous people who chose to take amusement from this young man's drunkenness & stupor.At just 22-years-old, the young Zimbabwean rapper has managed to flee the war-torn country, forging a voice through music that he one day hopes to translate into empowerment of his people.After making waves last year with his hit single “Killa” and gaining notoriety through Zane Lowe’s support, he’s returned today with a hard-hitting follow-up titled “Murder, Murder.” Watch above and check out our conversation below with the ascending rapper/producer from New Zealand by way of Zimbabwe.In a development that speaks much about passion crimes, the below video has emerged, of a European man said to be of German descent caught having s*x with a man’s wife and in the heat of the moment jumped out of the window in ways reminiscent of Zimbabwe Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rapture with a journalist, now crippled, he allegedly caught in bed with one of his girlfriends in Harare and caused the man to throw himself from the balcony of a 5th floor apartment.TAPZ wants to not only bring the world to recognize the rise of Zimbabwe’s music and creative scene, but to shine light on the poverty and corruption taking place.The death toll is cumulative and covers all those who've drowned or been struck by lightning in Zimbabwe since the start of the rains in October last year, according to a written statement from Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere seen by News24.