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They put on, like, five pounds and get a bit chubby. I get excess body hair and a temper and an extra five hundred extra pounds.”Well, three hundred and twenty nine, to be exact, but nothing like round numbers for making a point, right? ”Damn my tree-hugging, video game-loving werebear parents to Mc Donald’s hell. Cultural indoctrination is a monster.”Zora flashes a grin that is all teeth. I slam the door in her face and press my back against the wood, careful to avoid putting too much pressure. Sighing, I lumber up to the mirror and squint investigatively at my reflection. My monthly hirsuteness is annoying, but waxing exists for a reason. Grumbling to myself, I reach for my make-up bag (Kate Spade, special edition) and fumble at the zip. I’m almost desperate enough to do Sports Direct next. The eviscerated remnants of yesterday’s wardrobe (Prada, with a dollop of Calvin Klein) require somber observation, not wisecracks. I could be executive producer if they take up the idea, or whatever the equivalent is called in the high-street retail industry. I mean, it’s not exactly high fashion, but they do have that line of pretty lycra sportswear. “I don’t think you remember how this works.”“It’s just bloat - “Bloat. Blood has the same effect on vampires as Ecstasy does on humans, from what I’ve been told. No one’s tried documenting the effect that recreational chemicals has on were-bears because, you know, bears. (There’s a tiny, tiny chance she’s just tired of this conversation, but I’ll take my early morning triumphs where I can.)Zora sighs rapturously as she imbibes the scandalous fruit, leaning back in her chair, her eyes rolling up just a little. Be warned that since half the ingredients are booze (in the form of bourbon and hard cider), it sneaks up on you.

While many cider cocktails feature a non-alcoholic apple cider, I went with one of my favorite alcoholic versions, Stella Artois Cidre.But by default, a warm cocktail for many people is nothing more than adding Baileys Irish Cream to hot chocolate or whiskey to tea and calling it a hot toddy. But there are a ton of cocktails that not only warm on a winter night but satisfy with the same great flavors of a cold cocktail on a summer day.This is my favorite on the list, perhaps because it’s one that I largely came up with, though it’s similar to a honey bourbon apple cider on Hello Natural.I liked the Greaseman..he slipped and made a joke that got him kicked off the air..many of them slip up and go to far such a shame because he was mostly funny and no swearing Not that I'm a goody tro shoes but I think some of the funniest comedians that ever lived never said a single swear word...Red Skelton, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett and the like..slapping ROFL just crazy funny! She loved going to Church and she is having Church 24/7 now, re-united with Grandad and all there friends and loved ones. Her husband Idus Baird (Grandad) passed away March 17th, 1998, after working on the ranch and running commercial cattle for numerous years.