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Our field is constantly advancing and sometimes is challenging to follow.

There have been confusion and concerns, much of which are not yet addressed.Dating people who are currently overweight, but have some beautiful features and, under the right circumstances including weight loss, has the potential to become very attractive and at that point out of your league.Although there is a very small possibility of this, a penny stock dater has decided to assume the risk and invest without any guarantees."Yo Bob...Now the opposition to the tax regime has started flowing from the trader lobby that is worried and confused with various provisions of GST and its compliance and implementation.After one month of implementation of GST, we now take a stock of how GST is impacting and shaping the country and the way we do business.They always display a very pragmatic approach to the tasks in hand and always see the job through to the final conclusion on each occasion, assisting in variance analysis and follow up discrepancy analysis with our Operational team.

Due to the growth of our business, we have split our website between our Retail Stocktaking Business and our Pharmacy Related Business Portfolio (see below for more information).We also take stock of all the pros and cons of GST, as we see GST being implemented and the teething troubles that arise in the process.The haste with which GST is implemented despite lack of preparedness of the government is a cause for concern.Remember Lisa last year, chubby but with the cute eyes? Once she went for 20 cents now going for a Benjamin these days.Henderson Stocktakers provide very high quality Stocktaking, Stock Audit, Mystery Shopper and other Retail Services nationally.Since 1988 we have worked across a wide range of business sectors throughout the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and are now expanding further into Europe.