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When a man interacts with a woman, his greatest fear is sexual rejection and humiliation.

You are a man, and women like men; turning into a woman would make you less attractive to (most) women. And this is for the simple reason that understanding the female perspective helps you do much better with women, whatever your goal—whether it’s a one-night stand, a friend with benefits, a girlfriend or a wife.

More women went to college than ever before, and on average, women waited to get married until they were well into their 20s. (“Fire alarm” was a derogatory slang word used to describe such women.

Other slang terms include chunk of lead (an unpopular young woman), sheba (the female equivalent to the male sheik, as with Rudolph Valentino), strike breaker (a woman who was ready to date her boyfriend's best friend as soon as the relationship was over).

In fact, reported in 1922 that the leading cause of car accidents in that city was “driving with one hand and holding (a) girl with the other.” The most-well known and perhaps the most maligned trend of the Roaring '20s was the “flapper,” a young woman who could be recognized by her bobbed hair, fringed skirt, and bare knees.

Like Miss Fisher, this bright young thing could often be found dancing the Charleston and sipping illegal champagne.

Whether you preferred to dance the night away at a speakeasy like Phryne or accompany your beau to a church social like Dottie, dating in the 1920s offered something for everyone.

Hemlines were getting shorter, the Women’s Movement was well underway, and the newfangled motor car gave daring couple a new avenue to romance.Does having too many choices, and too much freedom, contribute to intense dissatisfaction?Are modern people, particularly women, angry because our culture of self-affirmation and abundance has left them feeling unsatisfied?The best thing that we can do to prevent ourselves from turning into mean old women in our 70s and 80s is to invest in ourselves today.We can get fit now to limit our aches and pains in the future.Being called a flapper was to be named bold, daring, and young, but it also carried connotations of loose morals, especially among older generations—after all, nice girls didn’t smoke, drink, and dance provocatively! Other popular Jazz Age past-times included petting parties, marathon dance contests, and trips to the beach (complete with scandalously revealing bathing costumes that exposed the arms and legs).

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