Wireless n validating identity

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Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs are foundational to the rapid adoption of Wi-Fi products in homes, offices, and public access locations around the world and continue to be at the foundation of the technology’s proliferation.

Supplicant is having MAC )” excluding optional EAPOL start frame. For best performance, it is recommended to have the RADIUS server and gateway APs located within the same layer-2 broadcast domain to avoid firewall, routing, or authentication delays.Keep in mind the AP is not responsible for authenticating wireless clients and acts as an intermediary between clients and the RADIUS server.) is defined in RFC 5216 & considered as most secure EAP methods used in WLAN. EAP-TLS is required to use client-side certificates in addition to server-side certificate. In short – Wi-Fi CERTIFIED means a good user experience, regardless of brand.

For retailers, vendors, and service providers, our seal of approval means higher customer satisfaction rates, fewer support calls, and fewer product returns.

Just a few years later in 2004, Moshir’s Patch Link Update™ was licensed to Novell.

Sean Moshir is credited with founding the now multi-million dollar security patch vulnerability management and remediation space when he established Patch Link Corporation (now Lumension).

The gateway APs (authenticator) role is to send authentication messages between the supplicant and authentication server.

This means the RADIUS server is responsible for authenticating users.

Under Moshir’s lead, Patch Link became one of the fastest growing companies in the US.