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And for action figure geeks like myself, this is a big one.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to experience an amazing cultural experience in Rioja, Spain, exploring, food, and lifestyle writers.

There’s way more than the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, which is incredible, of course - but your someone can also take you to the Stonestown Farmer’s Market, the 22nd and Irving Market, the Mission Community Market and did you know about 4505 Meats? Sure, people in SF love fancy stuff like the symphony, ballet and theater, but they also know how to appreciate every single other thing they see.

Weird abstract art, music that doesn’t sound like music and every other way people express themselves. You’ll get weird at the How Weird Street Faire, get green at the Green Festival, show your pride at the SF Gay Pride Festival, run in costume at Bay to Breakers - not to mention all of the amazing food and music festivals all over the city. All those things you used to think you had to do yourself, like to-do lists, finding the nearest charging station for your Prius and figuring out what that song playing in H&M is?

Leaked photos reveal latest line of ' Last Jedi' toys.

Like we've said before, one of our obsessive preoccupations from now until the release of The Last Jedi will be any and all info and prom material pertaining to Rose Tico, one of the major new characters introduced in the new Star Wars movie, played by Kelly Marie Tran.

I’ve written a lot about wheelchair accessible destinations around the world.

Many of them have been places that I’ve personally been to and others are places that I simply dream of visiting one day.

Among those intrepid explorers were the dynamic duo behind Wine Folly, Madeline Puckette, and Justin Hammack. My favorite part of the book is the in depth profiles of the most common varietals. Luckily for you, I’m giving away one gift card so you can check out Underground! These are limited quantity wines that Underground Cellars has specifically curated for you based on your buying patterns, and when you buy bottles from a collection, the bottles you purchased, which are selected from the offering pool, are upgraded to the special wines – for free. Underground Cellar offers everyone the option of storing their wine purchases in Cloud Cellar, a state of the art Napa wine cellar.

Puckette, a talented graphic artist and Sommelier, is known for creating unique, easy to follow, and creative infographics that help us understand wine. The clear flavor wheel is color coded and grouped by major flavor group and the dominant olavors are clearly outlined. Underground Cellar offers curated, limited edition wines with a twist – you can buy some great wines at great prices, get more bottles for free, and store them offsite with Underground Cellar until you’re ready to drink them. Some of the current deals highlight some great wines by my friend Jon Phillips at Inspiration Vineyards, where you can get 6-14 bottles, starting at a bottle. Instead of choosing a shipping address at checkout, a customer can select Cloud Cellar and hold their wine there for as long as they’d like.

This year, Wine Folly compiled those infographics and extensive wine knowledge in to a guidebook on wine, Using simple techniques that yield complex results, Wine Folly provides a guide for over 50 wines, and helps the reader create their own ranking system by reinforcing basic building blocks of flavor, origin, and classic terroir. The facts at a glance makes it an excelelnt study guide, as you can see on one page, where it grows, how much grows, and hte average price per bottle. Given the retail value of these babies, that’s a sweet deal. When your Cloud Cellar has 6 bottles, you can ship your wine for only …

The clean layout is divided in to easy to understand fundamentals, styles of wine, and wine regions of the world, allowing even the newest wine drinker the ability to understand complex styles and regions. Wine Folly’s Essential Guide to Wine is available for on Amazon as well as Wine and when you’re up to 12 bottles, the box ships for free.

SF natives know the seven square miles of downtown like the back of their hand and they’ll share the quickest route, the best buses and the most ingenious ways to get around.