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"Simon and I are so proud of these amazing, smart, funny, beautiful & crazy kids.

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He knew it would become public and destroy our mother.“She basically left that day, and two years later, she has not come back.” Tamra later says, “I fought so hard to get her help…The court appointed therapist wanted her to get more extensive help,” but Tamra says Simon wouldn’t do it. She can choose who she wants to live with, and that’s that.” Here’s a clip: Later, Andy asked why Tamra kept the custody issues with Sidney from the Bravo cameras.“So I went to court to try to get my daughter help, and he fought me not to get her help. “If your child turns her back on you it’s humiliating, its embarrassing.You know, you’ve ruined my dad’s life.” Tamra was shocked.“I had no idea where this was coming from,” she says.As you will read on, I was exonerated on both counts by the honorable Superior Court Judge Theodore Howard.

star opened up about being estranged from her eldest daughter, the Bravo star shared some good news with her followers.But I text her once a week, tell her I love her, I tell her the door's always open for her, and let's just try to get this family back together."Through all the ups and downs, Tamra has remained hopeful that things will get better. Reunion, Tamra Judge broke down crying as she opened up about the emotional ordeal of having her teenage daughter Sidney leave her to live with her dad, Simon Barney.#gaveituptojesus #2017 #family."While Tamra has tried to keep the relationship with her eldest daughter away from cameras, the Bravo star previously opened up about her family situation during a reunion show.She shared with viewers that Sidney decided to live with her father and Tamra's ex-husband Simon Barney full time even though the two have joint custody."After I opened up about it on the reunion, all hell broke loose, and it was kind of a breakthrough in the sense that we were communicating," Tamra told The Daily Dish.And then I’m in the press being called ‘a monster mom’…” Andy points out that Simon Barney might respond after Tamra’s comments on the Reunion.