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No identification and he has an alibi, a live-in girl friend played by Tina Holmes.And Holmes is just a doormat of a personality, the kind who is not good at relationships, but she's fixated on Cain.

It is so very sad that there is not more things like "Can't Hurry Love" on TV. Widower Michael Larson and his son and daughter move to Australia where Larson studies dolphins.His daughter, in shock from the accident which killed her mother, develops special communicative skills with the dolphins, Slim and Delbert. She is listed on Free Ones since 2015 and is currently ranked 6905th place.A man accused of the sexual abuse of his daughter is subsequently murdered, but laying the blame at the door of the chief suspects proves difficult.Years have passed, and all the Bradfords, with the exception of Nicholas, have moved out of their Sacramento home and started their own lives. See full summary » Four friends live in a occasional peaceful co-existence in New York.

Love-seeking Annie; womanizing Roger; and married Elliot work together in a Manhattan personnel agency trying to get by any way they can.Concerned that a miscarriage of justice could have occurred, they look over old case files and turn their attention to the suspect's neighbour, a man with employment links in the vicinity of seven murders around the country. Meloni and Hargitay worked together on the show for 12 seasons and were obviously very close.Several family members are in the frame, but despite evidence of a gun outside the victim's office, they appear to be innocent The team investigates the ritualistic murder of a boy, a woman and an elderly man, and finds they all figured in sexual abuse cases investigated by Benson.As more dead bodies turn up, it becomes clear the detective is the killer's next target - but the others find themselves unable to prove anything against the most likely suspect The kidnapping of a baby at a grocery store leads the detectives to a shady racket that involves snatching infants and arranging to sell them for adoption.After this the story goes off in different directions as Holmes finally testifies for the prosecution in court and then attempts a suicide that leaves her a vegetable.

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