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Hill describes the incident, including a subsequent overnight hospital stay, as unprecedented in her experience with Prince — supporting the idea that even Prince’s closest friends and colleagues were unaware of anything out of the ordinary until his painkiller use became a source of serious danger to his life.“Never said anything, that this is hurting, never a sign of struggle,” Hill told the Times, saying that all she knows about Prince’s painkiller use is what she’s read in media reports.

The two were eating dinner and chatting about his performance that night when “his eyes fixed” and he nodded off." The search warrants reveal that the suitcase contained prescription bottles with pills other than the ones listed on the labels.The bottles were under his bodyguard Kirk Johnson’s name.She won the Grammy Award for Best Music Film for her performance in this film.A number of Hill's original ballads, including "Desperation" were featured in the 2012 Spike Lee film Red Hook Summer.Judith Glory Hill (born May 6, 1984) is an American singer and songwriter born in Los Angeles, California.

She has provided backing vocals for such artists as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Josh Groban.

She received recognition for her vocals on the song “Heal the World,” which was performed at the gathering.

Hill also released a tribute to Jackson titled “I Will Always Be Missing You.”Hill auditioned for the fourth season of the reality competition show in 2013, prompting all four judges to fight for her to join their teams.

A year after Prince's death, more details are being released in new court documents.

In papers released by the Minnesota Judicial Branch, it was revealed that Prince and former “The Voice” singer Judith Hill were dating for nearly two years before his sudden passing.

In an interview with the New York Times, singer-songwriter Judith Hill has opened up about her “very intense” relationship with Prince.