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This is the same information I provided to the police, and witnesses also corroborated this account of the incident.I cannot condone or excuse any form of physical violence, particularly at the hands of someone I considered family. But a war of words and ideas should never end in physical aggression."However, Bex wasn't afraid to call out a name when addressing the incident in her statement."As for the actions that have brought us to this broken ending, I cannot speak for anyone or explain their internal struggles that prompted this heartbreaking sequence of events. I did not witness a shouting match, a cat fight or a brawl. In reflecting on this situation, I recalled a journal entry I wrote back in April."Initially, I struggled with sharing something so transparent and personal with all of you.

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However, this was my personal reaction to escalating events that led up to my overall frustrations with Dawn [Richards]….months ago."Richards has not released a statement, but did offer some words to explain her side of things on Twitter.

She began by retweeting a TMZ article that states Richards found out O'Day and Bex were having secret meetings and recordings behind her back, and that the physical altercation was set off after Dawn ambushed one of their private meetings. You're worth more."Meanwhile, Aundrea Fimbres, who announced in May that she's engaged and leaving the group to start a family, has left her response to the entire situation up to a cryptic Instagram post of a Tupac quote that reads, "Don't believe everything you hear. Realize, real lies."Danity Kane was first assembled by P.

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