Wcf refresh file reference not updating

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Wcf refresh file reference not updating - stevieda24 dating glasgow

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Troubleshooting Service References on docs.This topic lists common issues that may occur when you are working with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) or WCF Data Services references in Visual Studio.

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You can increase this value to prevent the exception.After I've made a change in my WCF contract, I want to update the service reference on the client so that changes made to the contract is also made in the proxy.My problem is that the proxy code is not re-generated.My new service reference has no types in it at all.All I have is the service itself and the functions to call the service contracts.Well, I supouse if I compare the whole projects something different will be found, but frankly I don't have time for this.

I've had the same issue (operations not appearing in the generated client) and have found at lease one reliable cause/effect.However, this does not help me because I need to add new service contracts and have it generate a new updated working service contract.I searched for others having the same problem, and I found a post from someone saying that they fixed it by unchecking "Reuse types in referenced assemblies" in the service configuration.I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and have a WCF client working against a WCF service.They are both located in the same Visual Studio solution.UPDATE: I'm working with the service running in the ASP. In particular, one thing that you accomplished by creating a new project was that you started a new instance of the Development Server running the changed code.