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PHOTOS: Sandra Bullock's new life now Von D admits in her post that she thought James was vilified and unfairly depicted in the media."There was a time when I was confident and excited at proving the world wrong, because I believed so deeply in people's ability to change for the better," she writes.

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The makeup vlogger faced some serious controversy recently as a series of videos from over a decade ago resurfaced, which featured the 31-year-old making racist remarks. Related: Kim Kardashian Defends Against Blackface Accusations Obviously, fans were not pleased to discover the beauty guru's offensive footage as they caused quite the uproar online.CLICK HERE to view "All The Craziest Beauty Blogger Feuds!" CLICK HERE to view "All The Craziest Beauty Blogger Feuds!"Although this was not a primary purpose in the relationship, I did feel like it would be a positive thing for those who judged Jesse solely based on what they read in tabloids, to see that change is always possible -- even in the people who seem hopeless," she admits.PHOTOS: Weird celeb body art But the post isn't about revenge against her ex, she insists.Apart from tattooing, she has displayed her talent in modeling and acting by playing cameo roles in films and television programs.

To add to her ever-increasing career graph, she has launched her own fashion brand and make-up line, and runs an art gallery and boutique.Gold Skool is a metallic, long-wear top coat that Kat is releasing especially for Kat Von D Beauty’s 10-year anniversary!Some of these shades are extras that she is throwing in from other collections, like XO, which is already available in the Better Together collection as a mini.As many of you can imagine, Kat Von D is one of our most requested artists at Hv T!Due to the high volume of requests, she is no longer accepting requests for tattoos in order to catch up with the ones she has! Here is a message from Kat herself:"People ask me all the time who does my tattoos - and lucky for me, I work alongside some of my most favourite tattooers who I've looked up to since I first started tattooing! I highly recommend you guys check out my talented crew's portfolios to find the right artist for your tattoo and make an appointment with them!