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Scroll down for video Facebook is the latest in a line of apps to desert Windows Phones after Microsoft has struggled to compete with Apple and Android devices in recent years.

Facebook's Messenger app will stop working for a number of smartphone users by the end of March.

The social media giant has announced it is ending support for devices running some older versions of the apps, including v55 of the Facebook app and v10 of Messenger on Android.

everything was working fine until just a few days back when i noticed my Facebook Messenger trying to connect to the Wi Fi/Mobile Data network but all it does is show me this "Waiting for Network" everytime i try to connect to Facebook Messenger.i have tried a soft reset,uninstalling the messenger and re-install but to no help in this regard would be appreciated.i am attaching the screenshot below Looks like that version of Messenger is no longer supported on Windows Phone 8.1.

Here's an official announcement from Facebook stating that various apps would be discontinued on older operating systems, including WP8 as well as older versions of i OS and Android: Update on messaging support for older versions of Messenger and Facebook apps Specifically: The second one (Messenger for Windows Phone) looks like it still supports Windows Phone 8.1, but it also requires 2 GB of RAM, so you might not be able to install it on your Lumia 535.

This update brings the ability for you to message people you may not be Facebook friends yet.

All you need to do is tap “People” in the app to sync with your phone contacts.

Aside from these two new features – this update also brings improvements and bug fixes to make the app faster.

Download Messenger from Facebook for Windows Phone here.

Critics have claimed that the apps available on Windows phones pale in comparison to their i OS and Android counterparts.

For example, Windows does not support Citymapper Customers were informed of the change by an email from Facebook.'Thank you for choosing to use Messenger,' the email reads.'We regret to inform you that at the end of March, the app version you're using is no longer supported and you can not send and receive messages.'To continue to send and receive messages from Facebook on your phone, update your Facebook app to the latest version.'Phones affected by the withdrawal include the Microsoft Lumia 640, 640 XL and the Lumia 535.

Indrek,thanks a lot for all the detailed info about Facebook and how the Messenger is not supported on Windows Phone 8.1 facebook application on my Lumia 535 is working but the messenger isn't.i will be using the windows explorer browser to access FB and Messnger for you tell me how i can update my Lumia 535 to Windows 10.i tried the Phone Update option but it just says its up to date after each [email protected] Glad I could help!