Updating the following field dropdown class upper

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Although you can create your own types of cells the Windows Forms Data Grid View control is mostly column-based, rather than cell-based. You can extend the Data Grid View control in a number of ways to build custom behaviors into your applications.

In the image below, the Name, Modified By, and Modified labels are columns.To improve the appearance of your application's pages, specify the size, position, color, font, and other parameters of controls by defining styles and assigning these styles to particular controls.Styles are defined in a separate Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file.In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a dropdown column of Departments using a Lookup column type.A Lookup column is connected to a Share Point list for its set of values.Columns are used to store additional information (such as Department owner) about the document and provides the ability to sort, filter, and group our documents by these column values.

Columns are created using one of the various built-in column types, which are shown below.NET Data Grid View Columns, that make it easy to build professional and forcing user interfaces and to extend your . You can also use a virtual mode that provides the ability to virtually have 100,000 rows!The Data Grid View even supports a mix of data bound columns and virtual columns. It provides a powerful and flexible way to display a data source.As a result, to attain most tasks, you have to work with the columns, not the cells themselves. NET assembly from Rustem Soft is a Data Grid View Columns software package specifically designed for . The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the MS Windows .Otherwise, download the latest version of JQuery and include it within your application.