Updating single player commands

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Like Forge with PC versions of Minecraft, you’ll need the Block Launcher mod to install and manage Single Player Commands while playing Pocket Edition.

“minetest_game-master” becomes “minetest_game”), then copy the folder to the “games” folder. It is usually distributed by default along with Minetest. The map has thus a volume equal to the volume of 61840 nodes = 236,487,637,504,000 nodes.For more information about subgames, read Subgames. “minetest_game” is the old (internal) name of Minetest Game. The coordinates range from −30912 to 30927 in all dimensions. Minetest automatically generates a file called “debug.txt” in minetest/bin where you can see lots of text. You already have a 3 × 3 crafting grid in your inventory menu (→ Crafting#Crafting_grid_and_output_slot). When the console is open, you'll see a blinking cursor at the bottom of the screen; type your message or command and hit Return to send it (this will also close the console).Some of the commands take the place of hard-to-find items in Minecraft – the /jump command will instantly move you to whatever you’re looking at, kind of like ender pearls.The Single Player Commands mod doesn’t work at all for online play, unless of course the server owner has installed it.Documentation about message and command prefixes can be found further down this page.

When console is closed, only the most recent messages/commands will be displayed, but they will gradually fade away (opening the console will immediately re-display all recent messages).In Factorio 0.14.5 and later, you can clear the console with the /clear command.Note that the console can also accept raw Lua code as well as game commands.“Minimal development test” is just for developers and is not intended to be playable.You can find several other games (subgames) in the forums and in the List of Subgames.That’s kind of why it’s called Single Player Commands and not Multiplayer Commands, or something like that. The /coords command will give you your current coordinates in the world.

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