Updating rady nas firmware

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Updating rady nas firmware - Free chatrooms with web cams

Netgear has decided to not support anything newer then RAIDiator 4.2 on what they consider 'Legacy' x86 NAS devices.It is however possible to run Ready NAS OS6 on the majority of them, with some caveats.

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TODO: cleanup Instructions courtesy of AMRivlin and chirpa WARNING: Just like upgrading to Ready NAS OS6, downgrading to RAIDiator 4.2 will cause you to have to do a factory reset and recreating your filesystems.

There are three ways to update your firmware: Live update, Manual update, and Update using Qfinder Pro.

Please refer to the sections below to guide you through each method.

Instructions (to be run from a Linux system, or directly on the NAS itself).

$ wget -q unzip RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24Archive: RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24inflating: RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24 inflating: RAIDiator-x86-V4.2.24_Release $ head -n1 RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24 $ echo -n 'info::name=Ready NASOS,version=6.2.0,time=1372729316,size=56387584,md5sum=5a29e74205983247ba50358a453c9ef2,arch=x86_64,descr=Ready NAS Final Release,release_notes= So basically what we have done, is modify the header, which is only used by the installed OS version to verify if the image is valid, to make it think it is installing a newer version of itself.

The Onion team will be releasing firmware updates regularly to provide new features and to fix any issues.