Updating nursing skills

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She goes on to explain that current data already indicate that outcomes, such as the incidence of patient falls and the prevalence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU), are influenced by the experience level of the nurse.Five strategies (vehicles) to maintain expertise in the nursing workforce are presented.

Intuitively, most nurses and nurse leaders would say yes.

To provide patients with the best possible care, most state boards of nursing require LPN licenses to be renewed every two to four years.

Submit proof you have completed the pre-specified educational requirements.

Such programs can greatly assist in developing new skills and advancing your knowledge.

Additionally, there are also courses that can help enhance existing nursing skills.

What has worked for nurses in the past to maintain our career status won’t work going forward.

Credentials and clinical skills alone won’t support us individually or as a profession.This shift stems from a decades-long movement to challenge the status quo and find a better-quality, more cost-effective approach to meeting the changing demographics and healthcare needs of the U. If you continue to view nursing through the lens of the old hospital-based model, you might have cause to panic.But if you open your eyes and your mind to a new delivery model with expanded opportunities for nurses and better outcomes for patients, you’ll have cause to celebrate.We need to look in new directions for employment, shift from a task-oriented mentality to a care-coordination perspective, and learn and use new skills to find, get, and keep our jobs.What do you need to do to upgrade your nursing career? A few years ago, I had a conversation with a nurse about hospitals closing and care shifting.Health Stream customers who decide to purchase Elsevier Clinical Skills benefit from the collaboration between Elsevier and Health Stream by having access to the leading Elsevier Clinical Skills evidence-based skills, checklist content, and platform functionality combined with the Health Stream Learning Center assignment, tracking, and reporting capabilities.