Updating nokia n95 8gb

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Updating nokia n95 8gb

Setup is a little more involved, but the extra features offer far more flexibility and functionality outside of the scope of a simple data sync between a mobile handset and i Sync.

Well, if you waited, you may be pleasantly surprised; because I’d say the N95 8GB is a better device.But is there any software i can get hold of that will turn my N95 into a decent GPS system, one that supports the internal GPS receiver? Althought the server address was there, there was no access point specified. I've been using it for the past week and it's as accurate as GPS. It just eats up your data limits if you use it a lot.The preloaded sofware on the N95 is pretty rubbish! Since I added the access point, the GPS has been located much faster. They have added a browser and they show your position using Google maps. Garmin gives very reliable turn by turn navigation (on its own) and ive found it very accurate.The extra 4GB of storage is the obvious headline-grabber here, allowing the N95 8GB to match the capacity of the Apple i Phone and the Sony Ericsson W960i.But the N95 8GB is a formidably-equipped smartphone in many other ways too.However, the phone’s chassis itself - though still chunky and a hefty 128g - hasn’t got any bigger, so the control key array below the screen has been squashed to accommodate the bigger screen.

Hi All, Excuse my ignorance if this question has been asked before. I found that the Assisted GPS was not activated properly on the handset. It can get a fix in a few seconds and works indoors.

Nokia has given the N95 8GB a black makeover, making it a sharper, tastier proposition than the silver version.

Screen real estate has increased to a noticeably larger 2.8in, 240 x 320 (QVGA) display, up from the original N95’s 2.6in panel.

Similar to triggering Automatic i Sync with an i Cal event, you can instruct Home Zone to do the same whenever your mobile handset is within Bluetooth range.

Screenshot of Home Zone configuration settings for mobile phone syncing – click for larger preview Following the settings above, Home Zone will automatically sync your mobile phone whenever it enters or re-enters Bluetooth range.

It is 99mm tall and when you open the slider to get at the number pad it grows to a staggering 130mm.