Updating excel charts

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When charts and tables are exported form Q to Power Point this invisible code is hidden in the exported objects.When Q exports a table or chart to Power Point and Excel it scans the documents to see if the code is contained within the document and, if it is found, the option of updating is provided.

If the location of either the Power Point presentation or the Excel file changes, you may have to embed the chart again in order for it to display correctly.

If you have already created a chart in Excel, you can embed and link it to your Power Point presentation.

When you embed an Excel chart in Power Point, any updates you make to the original Excel chart will automatically update in your presentation, as long as the files remain in the same location.

This helps the data stay in sync, so you won't have incorrect or out-of-date information in your chart. An Excel spreadsheet containing the chart's source data will appear.

After you have finished editing, be sure to save the chart in Excel.

No saved data in a file, nothing to trigger Power Point's automatic link updates.

If you attempt to export to an Excel or Power Point document into which you have previously exported, a dialog box will appear saying You have already exported this project to Presentation Name, which is open.This updating mechanism is relatively robust and can be used to update a document from multiple Q projects and also to update multiple different documents from a single Q project.My department keeps its production data in an Excel spreadsheet with a chart that gives a quick idea of how things are going.I need to put that chart in our Monday-and-Thursday report for a visual update.So far, I've been copying the chart and pasting it into the Word document.For every challenge, Dennis offers a few different solutions, as well as useful time-saving shortcuts and tips.