The cost effectiveness of fluoridating water supplies in new zealand

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The cost effectiveness of fluoridating water supplies in new zealand - Adult dating in ireland

It usually starts when we pass our middle 20s, getting progressively worse as we age. Depression and exhaustion are constant companions, and you just don’t feel “right” in your own body anymore.

Under the first provision, a DHB would have the power to direct a local government drinking-water supplier to add, or not to add, fluoride to drinking water supplied by that supplier within the DHB's geographical area.

Mark Elwood, DSc, MD, MBA, SM, MB, BSc; FRCPC, FAFPHMProfessor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, School of Population Health, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZGregory Seymour, BDS, MDSc, Ph D, FRCPath, FFOP(RCPA), FRACDS, FICD, FADI, FRSNZProfessor, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; Former Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZW.

Many women really don't notice their symptoms until after childbirth… If you try talking to your doctor about it, you’ll be humored by being given a thyroid blood test.

When a medical test is done, any result within a wide range is deemed normal.

Your thyroid could be functioning at 30% of peak efficiency, but your tests will say that’s fine. And you have the hair loss, the lethargy & fatigue and the weight gain to prove it.

Despite criticism from certain members of the public, on the whole, the Bill is designed to address the oral health problems currently facing New Zealand.

The Bill Presently, local authorities fund the supply of drinking water from rates and are responsible for decisions on fluoridation within their geographical area.Fact 1: If fluoridated water has a benefit, it is a topical one (there is no need to actually swallow it).Fact 2: Despite 60 years of research, there is not a single randomized controlled trial, let alone a blinded study, demonstrating fluoridation's benefits.However, even the promoters have scaled down the benefits claimed for water fluoridation and admitted the danger of fluorosis from toothpaste.For every study by promoters over recent years repeating old messages that claim undisputed water fluoridation benefits-particularly reduction of cavities, there are equally reputable studies showing little or no effect on cavity rates. (This paper was updated in August 1997 from an earlier version presented by invitation at the public forum on fluoride and fluoridation, sponsored by the Chemical Institute of Canada, and CADACT, held at the Petroleum Recovery Institute, 3512-33rd. Note that footnotes and first references provide hypertext links to the relevant material, with provision for returning to the current point ("return to main text").) A majority vote which violates ethical or moral principles, or deprives individuals of rights they should be free to enjoy, is not democracy but tyrrany. Exner, MD FACR, Seattle) Promoters of water fluoridation offer the lure of strong, healthy teeth and reduced dental bills as inducements for communities to fluoridate their water.

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