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The 25 were sent across the border to retaliate for bin Laden’s demise.

All this confined to an area of just a few square kilometres in Hindu Kush, on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, in the middle of a sensitive area, a crossroads for warriors, arms and goods. This is the western most corner of Karakorum, the starting point of the most majestic mountain range in the world, the Himalaya.

forces in Afghanistan seems to move American policy toward Biden’s long-held view that the U. military should narrow its approach to a selective, counter-terrorism-focused mission. Biden’s thinking, which has many proponents both inside and out of government, hinges on the idea that the al Qaeda threat is distinct from the Taliban’s war in Afghanistan. What’s more, an al Qaeda operative captured in Afghanistan just last year was planning to attack multiple targets in Europe.

But the Biden “counterterrorism” strategy clearly influenced Obama’s decision. The administration has drastically underestimated the footprint of “al Qaeda types” in Afghanistan.

In Kabul, the National Security Council was meeting to discuss the development.

The number of dead and wounded in the fighting was unclear.

The National Museum’s collections reflected this diversity, including priceless objects dating back to the Bronze and Stone Ages.

Among its most prized artifacts were a statue of King Kanishka, ruler of the Kushan empire that ruled much of South Asia from the 1st to the 4th century A.

A little further east, in the Indian Garhwal, lies Meru, already the subject of another of our previous stories, considered the , the centre of the universe, and the crossing point between the earthly sphere and that of the underworld.

Slightly to the north, isolated in the heart of the Tibetan Plateau, in sight of Manasarovar Lake, rises the Kailash, the crystal mountain capable of catalysing the religious experience of the Buddhist universe.

I am referring to the Kalash, an ethnic group of ancient origins whose people are said to be the legendary descendants of Alexander the Great’s troops, who crossed these parts in the 4th century B. An area of exceptional scenic value and imbued with deep symbolic significance.

It’s in Kashmere, the turbulent region which has been contested by India and Pakistan for 70 years, where some believe Jesus Christ to have been buried.

He urged his nation to trust Afghan troops and not give in to "fear and terror."But Monday's multi-pronged assault on Kunduz took the Afghan authorities and military officials by surprise.