Srcds not updating

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This is one way to make a dedicated server for Garry's Mod via port forwarding instead of using a hamachi client.

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In my case I had Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, which is a great operating system for any server. Priority is basically a setting that tells the operating system what tasks to service first and for how long.Servers are very real-time applications and players are very sensitive to lag.The only thing that I should add is be sure not to run SSH on port 27015, since that is the port your Source server will be running on.One extra step that you might want to do is to create an account for running the srcds process.Only worry about the Server Name, Rcon Password, and Server Password.

The difference between an Rcon and Server Password is that the Rcon Password is used to kick and ban players while the Server Password is used to prevent random people from joining your server.For a basic system set up walk through please use Part 1 of my guide to setting up an Ubuntu server.Everything in that article is relevant to this guide. [email protected]:/cs$ ./steam -command update -game cstrike -dir . Getting version 17 of Steam HLDS Update Tool Downloading. EDIT: i would add "chmod 755 -R /srcds" , if you add just "chmod 755 /srcds" after install you wont be able to do anything without superuser privileges.everything went smoothly, until the second to last step.... im also a complete linux noobeverything went smoothly, until the second to last step.... I had it set as executable, and it still wasn't working. i entered it and even sudo'd it this is what i got [email protected]:~$ cd /srcds [email protected]:/srcds$ ./srcds_run -game cstrike -autoupdate map de_dust bash: ./srcds_run: Permission denied [email protected]:/srcds$ sudo ./srcds_run -game cstrike -autoupdate map de_dust Auto detecting CPU Using SSE2 Optimised binary. Hey guys, I am proud to say that I've successfully installed Steam! Also for any one running a 64 bit version before you start trying to run the i suggest you run the following first otherwise nothing will happen as the 64 bit has some 32bit libraries missing. no files downloaded nothing...just said that it was updated...i checked the list of games using the ./steam -command list and there is not css in there.... If anyone needs help with installing Counter Strike on a current version of Ubuntu (Breezy went end-of-life in 2007) please start a new thread in a support section of the forum where you are more likely to get help.