Song seung heon dating lee yeon hee

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Song seung heon dating lee yeon hee

For the contest, she acted out a monologue, singing to Dana The Grace's "Until the End of the World", and also did freestyle modeling poses.After she joined the company, she began intense training lessons on acting, singing, and dancing. K.) and Lee Jiyeon (commonly known as Lin A, of CSJH The Grace) as "The SM music video girl".

In 2007, Lee starred in romance melodrama A Millionaire's First Love alongside Hyun Bin.

Yoo Dong Geun finished by saying, "I thought that it would be really great if they were really together because of their reactions.

So I kept trying to matchmake them from the side continously." During the days when East of Eden were on air, rumors were flying around that Lee Yeon Hee (21) and Song Seung Hun (32) were dating on and off screen although both of them denied in separate statements that they were[n't] as they were very busy.

Soon after she joined SM Entertainment, Lee began her career by starring in music videos for SM artists, such as boy band TVXQ, Moon Heejun, Kang Ta, Shinhwa, and Fly to the Sky, overtaking SM artists Kim Bomi (of M. In the span of two years, she starred in eight music videos.

Though Lee had relatively steady work between modelling in magazines, commercial ads and appearing in music videos, she did not officially debut until late 2004.

They were asked the usual “which girl is your ideal type” question, and Song Seung Heon winnowed down his list until he ended up picking Kim Tae Hee.

together (they both are suffering from PTSD from working on that abomination of a drama is my conclusion), then Heon-Hee shippers can keep the faith!Especially after Song Seung Heon so openly stated his preference.What’s funny is that the interviewer made him pick specifically between Kim Tae Hee and Lee Yeon Hee (his co-star from where it was rumored they were exceedingly friendly with each other), and he immediately picked Kim Tae Hee. Awwww, my Heon oppa sure knows how to give fan service.Song Seong Heon, Song Joong Ki, and Yoon Sang Hyun (three guys I absolutely adore to watch onscreen) were shooting a CF together when an entertainment news program interviewed them.In 2004, Song appeared in two films, but neither was a success: Ice Rain, shot in the Canadian Rockies, failed to enthuse viewers with its mixture of mountaineering and melodrama, while He Was Cool, based on an internet novel by Guiyeoni, was unable to compete with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and other films from the 2004 summer season.