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After taking a closer look at Rob Gronkowski's HSN stint, we look at Mike Rowe's first big break in the biz. We've Rainier adult so when you're because it's long it's always kinda cool in there there's that one there is a small world and also. There's a thing for personal you know here's the thing. Weeks from leagues again as we leave again I guess that the term. What some of all time great showcase titles that we should rate notes rental Baltimore because there's the other one because Newsnight there's the Shia La Beouf there is on the Jane go unchanged girl. There's brick candor and actually at the at the park you. Where I think her husband was getting arrested or something like that as she pulled out the you know pointed in you know haw yeah. Is of those are cute little line as a parent and COLT came off. I thought it was an original thing that went against in parts of the Caribbean. OK so they tilted the rise awful the off of the book. You might be an outage now needed element here now awful. Now we should add in Helen do what you it's about modern. Syrians to lend twenty force yet follow him on Twitter right now.Nobody wants any part of the vegan shepherd's pie for lunch. The parts of the Caribbean right it was a big one miles when you are like housing and grammar school and high school lately you've met somebody met a girl. I think Shia La Beouf is the guy that actually one of the producers of that movie that doc mentioned minutes on it turned into twelve RV and I think he's happy he's probably as usual Summers do we agree he sucks is an actor. An oddity why Indiana Jones whose of that doing all everything so it gives an awful. As measured from Audrey Rossdale I did on the rise of personal password on that front first volleys and that you're drunk to. So he's he's basically tell the black cop to the president doesn't care about things he's been against city west is good again sometime in -- suddenly they're comfortable putting inside the entire time let's turn on trump together here a dark time but I didn't the company just like. It could destroy your career destroy your life shocked. I've never seen a couple of bats but when that verdict pandering. All I saw dad liked him there all licensed and that parents gathered loudly and clearly now. I multiply that out the whole line about he thought the movie came out first. Four wives of the true story you don't know people LP to pin was the sequel. This guy that's what happens still trying to finally bottling when it totally missed her biggest movie cruel intentions. Short way now back to more importantly we're loading in Fauria watch Sports Radio WEB. Going up on the Internet and get easy landing cafes that is our little camp to investors getting the menus that hey I am embarrassed to know and apparently done on the landing cafes they listened to the program. Is the V give dad upwards I heard people smoking room veggies chickpeas lentils sun dried tomatoes simmered in a veggie stock.

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He tried to change reality ("I thought I could change it").

The Furtado and Abreu families want compensation from the New England Patriots. You wanted to go on pirates of the Caribbean ride to restore those dark yet sit right next to want to it was that I guess in the long there was a three and a half foot drop we could that you. I don't believe you Paul I just thought I did not doubt it it was around before I had Bryant. Did he get a lot of praise me first you know people haven't yet been relentlessly used in the next on me and he was and he was in a movie called holes. Is drunk yeah first of all he's second of all he sucks as an actor about how stupid can you at a who president. All Shia our and a compass marked the front unlike him a much of the cup the sport because the cup realizes all of this is being videotaped. Take your way take it up and wasn't you know there might give because of other fame I'm famous for I guess I'll buff with names who was a girl. Jingle and changing and yell call yeah Danielle one yeah it can be groundout okay this one somebody. So it's so I guess she was having sex and and in her car with her boyfriend and some some of her neighbors neighbors saw. But don't I mean I wish he actually got caught with a Nancy if you yes she got caught the man whomever Alan Ball when again cuts a videotaped him he was screaming like a cab driver that was not called on I don't know that doesn't want. Northern California area typical average Californians that does not just in northern California is not part out of control of their allies of the end result was she here with not wallboard. Movies you get on the examples where for the fifth. Was split off also pirates of the yeah I have been out at the book is a baby in part to be a very good that way so what happens when they finally had to Johnny Depp movies and had great success for the Johnny Depp movies is it now this is Google and opportunity which shut down pirates of the Caribbean. Layered with sweet and Red Bull is split fatal so does that sound like crap out about it at QB did it again.

Used to be you know regular slowing things in the same gaps and I keep and want us retired base and unlike Stuart I'm. All I see why it is physically you know seized from the Disney right now pirates aren't going to be there being the most annoying song. And it's one of those songs that you be singing it for like six weeks after the don't get it done Duncan was. There's a couple right at Disneyland and Disney World that you you go to when you're tired. It's the outcome of these Michael Richards is Kramer yeah the US I mean. Regulate the Internet logs destroy them to yell it puts American flags in obscure places in the people like sports yes that's actually act as trajectory airplanes in go into I was gonna take you down. Such as we almost every Nevada today and say it's next on idol so let's. Bill would one of those enjoyed the Philip reporter it did not agree one at my future wife the other reporter and now Reese Reese Witherspoon had also. And it was it was and it was cool about it went up there. You know cornered at Texas is the HBO show you that you just mentioned it a little high yeah bizarre Irish who.

Stop what you're doing, put down that coffee and step away from the spreadsheet: this is important.

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In the midst of the negative noise around online dating, I just want to say thank you to the app for the good — the humanity — it has in fact introduced into my life.”From San Fransisco to Montreal, the native New Yorker says that the app has helped her grow as a person.

She’s left her fears of being rejected — even once asking out a superhot barista — because of the confidence she gained via the men she’s matched with on the app.He turned away from the Vista Point turn-off to take his brother to the hospital. The "Furry" star appears on Tuesday's "The Ellen De Generes Show," where he shows off his slew of rapper-themed tattoos, opens up about his Las Vegas wedding to longtime girlfriend Mia Goth and dishes on his new movie where he'll play tennis star John Mc Enroe. After confirming his pieces are real, Shia says his many tats are like "landmarks." "It's love, it's people I love," he confesses, before pointing out his tattoos of Missy Elliott, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Dr. Later on the show, the actor opens up about his Elvis-themed weddings in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, they turned it down in hopes of keeping the ceremony low-key.Kim tells Yahoo Style, “I’ve traveled abroad quite a bit, and Tinder has allowed me to get to experience other cultures through the eyes of the locals.”Her letter lists a series of detailed thank yous for the wonderful experiences the app has allowed her.Kim writes, “There are endless ways Tinder can spark nightmares, but for me, Tinder has made a lot of magic.The disoriented and confused Simon thought he had two missing years, from 2000 to 2002, and he struggled to put the pieces of his life together - a puzzle metaphor. Newman told him his objective: "Think of it as if your life's a puzzle that's been jumbled up. [Clair later told Simon: "I can't help but think that we're paying for what happened."] After a slight altercation, Peter accidentally fell from the estate's top floor through a skylight below.