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The countdown clock to our first "Facebook Video Sex" scandal is ticking.In a quick tech demo, Zuckerberg and some senior engineers from Facebook's Seattle office demonstrated how the new chat features, which will start rolling out today, combine group messaging and video calls.

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After all, Facebook hasn't exactly been known for respecting the privacy of their users in the past, and on the other end, well, just type "facebook sex scandal" into your favorite search engine and see for yourself.

Operating entirely through the existing Facebook interface, the video calls use a stripped-down but supposedly quite functional version of the Skype p2p chat technology that will require a minimal installation (Tech Crunch is reporting that it only takes a few seconds to activate), and won't require any additional Skype account or login.

In other words, you can now video chat anyone with a Facebook account.

By the time I'm ready to take the call, I've missed it by a long shot.

After using Duo for about a week, I can say it is among the best video-chat apps around.

In fact, the biggest way that this will effect your life probably has nothing to do with unexpected nudity.

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What's weird is it's a video call, from someone using Duo, Google's video chat app available today for i OS and Android.

I probably know this person, because they'd need my number to make the call.

So it's almost definitely not a nude stranger.

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