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According to the National AIDS Control Programme, among the general population there are 1,234 HIV-positive cases, while it estimates between 2,500 and 3,000 people are infected, but unaware of it.Only about 200 sex workers have had an HIV/AIDS test in Lebanon, according to UNAIDS, and none tested positive.

"When teachers or leaders say we cannot cover a certain topic, we say OK, but if we get a question about it we will find a way to give the information," adds Elissa.

Tribunalen för Libanon skapades av FN:s säkerhetsråd genom resolution 1757, som en blandad libanesisk-internationell domstol, tribunal, för att väcka åtal mot misstänkta för mordet i februari 2005 på Libanons förre premiärminister Rafik Hariri och 22 andra personer.

Tio medlemmar röstade för, fem avstod, ingen röstade emot.

Två domare (alternate judges) ska finnas i beredskap.

Domarna utses för en treårsperiod och kan väljas om. Till skillnad från tidigare tribunaler där internationell lag tillämpats ska denna tribunal döma enligt libanesisk lag.

They are relatively lucky with their jobs, as other children are forced to toil in the fields or collect rubbish from the streets'I had no choice': Samer is sad he had to leave school but with his father dead, he tells Mail Online his knows he has to make money.

It is estimated 90 per cent of the 1.2million refugees living in Lebanon are struggling with mounting debt, fuelling a rise in child labour In one case, aid workers said a 14-year-old girl was ‘dumped’ after a week of marriage having been told her husband would ‘send’ for her after he left – she never heard from him again - while in another, a 15-year-old girl, who married to care for her family of seven, had to be taken in to a shelter when her 23-year-old husband brutally beat her repeatedly.READ MORE: Comprehensive sex education is a human right Sex education was introduced for 12 to 14-year-olds in Lebanon in 1995, but was withdrawn in 2000 after criticism from a number of religious groups in the country.According to the book, Deconstructing Sexuality in the Middle East: Challenges and Discourses, one faction said the topics studied would "provoke [students] to perversion".Health workers put that down to the low prevalence of the virus in Lebanon, but recognize that could change quickly."Some people don't know they are infected," said Lara Dabaghi, UNAIDS Project Coordinator - ASAP (Aids Strategy and Action Plan), National AIDS Control Programme.Tribunalens officiella språk är arabiska, engelska och franska. Tribunalen ska bestå av dömande avdelningar (chambers), ett åklagarekontor, ett register och ett försvararkontor.

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