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Esteruelas, N F; Huber, N; Evans, A L; Zedrosser, A; Cattet, M; Palomares, F; Angel, M; Swenson, J E; Arnemo, J MLeukocyte coping capacity as a tool to assess capture and handling-induced stress in Scandinavian brown bears (Ursus arctos) Steyaert, S M J G; Zedrosser, A; Elfström, M; Ordiz, A; Leclerc, M; Frank, S C; Kindberg, J; Støen, O -G; Brunberg, S; Swenson, J EEcological implications from spatial patterns in human-caused brown bear mortality Sommer, F; Ståhlman, M; Ilkayeva, O; Arnemo, J M; Kindberg, J; Josefsson, J; Newgard, C; Fröbert, O; Bäckhed, FThe gut microbiota modulates energy metabolism in the hibernating brown bear (Ursus arctos) Stenset, N E; Lutnæs, P N; Bjarnadóttir, V; Dahle, B; Fossum, K H; Jigsved, P; Johansen, T; Neumann, W; Opseth, O; Rønning, O; Steyaert, S M J G; Zedrosser, A; Brunberg, S; Swenson, J ESeasonal and annual variation in the diet of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the boreal forest of southcentral Sweden Schregel, J; Eiken, H G; Grøndahl, F A; Hailer, F; Aspi, J; Kojola, I; Tirronen, K; Danilov, P; Rykov, A; Poroshin, E; Janke, A; Swenson, J E; Hagen, S BY chromosome haplotype distribution of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Northern Europe provides insight into population history and recovery Mills, J A; Teplitsky, C; Lopez, B A; Charmantier, A; Becker, P H; Birkhead, T R; Bize, P; Blumstein, D T; Bonenfant, C; Boutin, S; Bushuev, A; Cam, E; Cockburn, A; Côté, S D; Daunt, F; Dingemanse, N; Doligez, B; Drummond, H; Espie, R H M; Festa-Bianchet, M; Frentiu, F; Fitzpatrick, J W; Furness, R W; Garant, D; Gauthier, G; Grant, P R; Griesser, M; Gustafsson, L; Hansson, B; Harris, M P; et al, Archiving primary data: solutions for long term-studies Paillard, L; Jones, K; Evans, A; Berret, J; Jacquet, M; Lienhard, R; Bouzelboudjen, M; Arnemo, J M; Swenson, J E; Voordouw, M JSerological signature of tick-borne pathogens in Scandinavian brown bears over two decades Chapron, G; Kaczensky, P; Linnell, J D C; Arx, Von M; Huber, D; Andrén, H; López-Bao, J V; Adamec, M; Álvares, F; Anders, O; Balciauskas, L; Balys, V; Bedo, P; Bego, F; Blanco, J C; Breitenmoser, U; Brøseth, H; Bufka, L; Bunikyte, R; Ciucci, P; Dutsov, A; Engleder, T; Fuxjäger, C; Groff, C; Heltai, M; Holmala, K; Hoxha, B; Iliopoulos, Y; Ionescu, O; Ivanov, G; Jeremić, J; et al, Successful recovery of large carnivores in Europe’s human-dominated landscapes Karamanlidis, A A; Stojanov, A; Hernando, M G; Ivanov, G; Kocijan, I; Melovski, D; Skrbinšek, T; Zedrosser, ADistribution and genetic status of brown bears in FYR Macedonia: implications for conservation Jørgensen, P G; Arnemo, J; Swenson, J E; Jensen, J S; Galatius, S; Frøbert, OLow cardiac output as physiological phenomenon in hibernating free-ranging Scandinavian brown bears (Ursus arctos) - an observational study Elfström, M; Davey, M L; Zedrosser, A; Müller, M; Barba, De M; Støen, O -G; Miquel, C; Taberlet, P; Hackländer, K; Swenson, J EDo Scandinavian brown bears approach settlements to obtain high-quality food?Swenson, J E; Kindberg, JEffects of combined predation by brown bears and gray wolves on moose population dynamics; what more do we need to know?

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In Oslo, convicted sex buyers face a 25,000 crown (,000) fine.

Bidrag till Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA) för arbete inom Skandinaviska björnprojektet säsong 2014 (NV-04578-14).

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Every nine years, nine victims were offered up and their corpses hung from the trees until they decomposed.

With the end of paganism a cathedral was built here.

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To obtain a pdf of a paper, please refer to the links provided in this pdf to the journals or designated publishers websites, or contact the corresponding author.

Norway may soon see a drastic rehash of its sex laws, as young politicians from the so-called 'Blue Bloc' have been pressurizing parliament to remove the ban on buying sex and legitimize brothels.

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"The current debate is characterized by ethics and morality.

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