Ryan conklin and baya dating

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Ryan conklin and baya dating

However, no group assignment is given to the cast this season; the castmates are free to pursue their own interests, the first such season to do this since the fourth season.

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I'd rather be looked [at] as an average person in uniform."The show takes viewers from Conklin's hometown of Gettysburg, Pa., where his family struggles with having two sons on the front lines.Fortunately for us, Chet makes willful self-delusion entertaining and fun, and the producers have clearly decided Chet’s here to make us larf.We get scene after scene of all the other boys and girls in the house talking about Chet’s pink clothes, skinny jeans (“You left your balls in the sink, man! And then Ryan explains that he’s neatly divided his life between Iraq and America, but also mentions in the same breath how a service buddy of his had just killed himself because he was unable to deal with the post-traumatic stress and it’s at this point that we remind ourselves that Generation Y, or whatever you want to call it, is hardly the materialistic, fame-obsessed vacuous non-entity that some older generations we will not mention here try to depict us as.Conklin seemed to fill the role of the sheltered, small-town guy who would bristle at his roommates’s differences and show flashes of intolerance, before ultimately learning to be a better person. But while Conklin did provide a few early awkward moments (befuddled by Katelynn, who had not yet explained her gender status, he referred to her once as “it”) he proved the warmest presence on the show: a good guy eager to absorb all New York has to offer, entertain his roommates with spoofy songs on his guitar, and go to school to study film. Late in the series (when it was shot in mid-November), we see Conklin talking on the phone with his brother, who grimly informs him that “you got the packet in the mail that you’ve been dreading.” His brother tells him that he’s been called back to Iraq through the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), a program that allows the Army to recall soldiers who have completed their tours of duty.Conklin goes through a rapid succession of denial — “Don’t mess with me,” he says, convincing himself his brother is lying to him — and frustration, before crumpling into tears to a roommate.The documentary, filmed by two MTV cameramen and Conklin, shows a heartbroken family saying goodbye to their son once again and brings viewers to the front lines in Baghdad.

Conklin, who spoke to the Daily News from Iraq, said he hopes the show will help people understand what war is like."I'm thankful to be a familiar face on a subject that doesn't really have a lot of familiar faces," he said.Just after he appeared on MTV's "The Real World: Brooklyn," Ryan Conklin's life got a bit too real.The 24-year-old Army veteran was called back to Iraq at the beginning of this year, and the cameras were there to capture it all."Return to Duty" premieres Wednesday night at 9 o'clock.He said he asked his fellow soldiers if they were willing to participate."That's not something they asked for," he said.But in the end, he said, "it was good for a lot of the guys."And for the viewers, who learned he was going back to Iraq while watching "The Real World." "I have just gotten mountains of messages from people saying, 'I know what you're going through.It’s hard to take reality TV seriously, especially the granddaddy of them all, MTV’s “The Real World,” which pulls together an attractive crew of 20-somethings cast to clash in pretty predictable ways.

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