Rob estes dating mitzi kapture

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is an American actress, also credited and more popularly known as Mitzi Kapture.

`Silk Stalkings' had a number of important cast changes over its eight seasons, most notably the abrupt midseason departures of stars Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture (who had been with the series since its 1991 debut).

In a January 2007 episode, he was murdered by the husband of a killer to cover up her crime.

Estes then portrayed Lieutenant Tom Hogan, Inspector Lindsay Boxer's ex-husband and current boss in the ABC police procedural and legal drama Women's Murder Club.

In 1993, Estes had a guest role on the prime time Fox soap opera Melrose Place, playing Sam Towler.

Three years later, the producers of the series brought him back but cast him in a different role, that of restaurateur Kyle Mc Bride.

During her time with the series, Kapture also sat in the director's chair.

After a 4-month hiatus from the screen following her exit from Silk Stalkings, Kapture returned in 1996 to star in two MOW's for USA Network.Estes first became interested in an acting career while training to be a stunt double.Chris Lorenzo on the Crime drama Silk Stalkings, and as Kyle Mc Bride on the Primetime Soap opera Melrose Place.The assistant district attorney is George Donovan who does not like their methods for solving crimes.He is also a little jealous of their fashion sense.Paired with Rob Estes who played Sergeant Chris Lorenzo, Kapture gained global recognition along with her co-star since the show was broadcast in many countries.

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