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The counterculture is known for its political riots, but perhaps to a larger degree, it is the psychedelic revolution that has left a lasting legacy.

Michael Hall tells his version of the story elsewhere on this website. HIS STORY: One day Michael Hall walked to his local vintage store to buy a jean jacket and while there he found a woman who would say “I do! Professional photographer Denis Kelly talks about going to South America as a young man, two stunning photographs of holy sites in Peru, the resulting cross cultural perspective they offered and the help he received in Indianapolis in printing the photos for a New York gallery show.

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Since it is strictly an American phenomenon a closer look at American society seemed necessary, and George M.

Marsden’s book Religion and American Culture happened to deal with most matters involved, placing the Grateful Dead into an ongoing American religious experience..

“I realized how real it was.” The decisions to show this heavy film was made by the Diversity club.

The club was created this year and their goal is to broaden the perspective of students.

By Jonli Keshavarz, Staff Writer // 2,220,300 Americans are behind bars. The mass incarceration of African Americans is not a recent epidemic but rather a historic ripple dating back to the era of American slavery.

The Acalanes Diversity Club, headed by seniors Jin Heo and Imani Boggan, showed the Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, which examined this topic, on the night of Friday, March 10.

“In one of our meetings we were talking about finding ways to expose our students to different realities in a safe way by not making it personal,” Boggan said.

“It wasn’t someone from our school having to be brave to stand up and say their story but just a video to watch.” The decision to show the documentary proved to be a success as a multitude of students gathered on Friday to watch the film.

A Long Strange Trip, by Dennis Mc Nally, for example, is a recent and central book. Both books contain substantial notes and references.

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