Reorderlist not updating

04-Nov-2019 23:54 by 5 Comments

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And how do you bind it with an Object Data Source control? The textbox contained the priority order for the item in the list.

Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. on the cc1: Reorder List there is a property called clientidmode, it needs to be there and have a value of "Auto ID"...For those curious about the result, here is a little demonstration: user name: machta password: 123456 The changes are saved after you leave the page (or after you reload it). I've put the dll into and it's version 4.1.40412.2.The reordering doesn't happen at all, not that it just does some weird stuff or returns wrong values... My problem probably is that my control misses some client scripts that should perform the drag/drop action.I decided to not rely on the Microsoft and waste my time trying to adjust this control and, of course, to make it work at first. It has some weak points (for example it works completely just in IE under compatibility view or in later versions) and compared to the Ajax control it is certainly less flexible but for me it is perfectly enough.But how does this work; the Toolkit sample site didn't go far enough.

I wanted to bind this with an Object Data Source control and it just wasn't working.

Problem Description: In IE11 browser Ajax Control Toolkit Re Order List’s changing the order of items (Re Order) won’t work properly.

You don’t get any error however when you try to drag there won’t be any changes to Re Order List.

Introduction In this article I am going to provide a solution for the problem where the Asp.

Net Ajax Control Toolkit’s Re Order List control won’t work in IE 11 Browser.

(click view a demo) The solution that is suggested here adds these few lines to web.config: I load the data to the List collection from the page_load event but that works fine. The problem is in that the items cannot be reordered -- during the reordering, the sort value doesn't change and the list doesn't update.