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Rapidshare dating to relating - dating 4 11 13

It is what allows you to create your own situational strategies.You see the problem with ALL dating gurus – whether male or female – is that they don’t tell you the correct principles of MEETING men or women….tell you what worked for them…..which often are things that don’t quite feel right for you…… BECAUSE MOST GURUS HAVE NO REAL EXPERIENCE WITH MEETING A BROAD RANGE OF MEN AND WOMEN AND SECURING A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM.

There is nothing else like Dating To Relating on the market. And although he writes for our women clients now, there is still a lot you can learn from his books, “The Seven Day Plan” and “Busted! Many of the things these other Dating Gurus teach you will get you a date, maybe even some sex, but they doom a real relationship from the very beginning. Ayer is retired and settled down but before he retired he had sex with over 2000 women and NEVER got caught PLAYING or cheating on them! He is a MASTER at a technology you won’t find many other places. I show you how to develop your own unique strategies that are 100% RIGHT for you! My techniques set you up for a sound relationship from the very beginning.READ what people are saying about “Dating To Relating From A – Z” Here!“How I went from Stupid to Smart in just 50 years” or “How and Why I got more dates with, relationships with and proposals from Hot Young Women at age 50 than I did at age 25. Dating to Relating is not a simple “Numbers Game” strategy that tells you to go out and do something over and over again that you are totally uncomfortable with.

You will learn how to meet women, attract women, pick-up women, seduce women, establish a relationship, relate to women and marry women.Different types of men and women require different strategies for each type.So I have to laugh when I go to a female dating guru’s web site that begins, “learn how to think like a man” or “inside a man’s mind.” Though there is a certain amount of truth to the fact that there are definite differences between men and women, the differences between personality types within a sex are much more extreme than the difference between men and women.MOST GURUS HAVE SIMPLY DISCOVERED ONE TECHNIQUE THAT WORKS (ON ONE TYPE OF WOMAN OR MAN), THEN DO IT ALL THE TIME ON EVERYONE, AND TELL YOU — IT IS A NUMBERS GAME! You see, the real problem is, there are different types of men and different types of women.And different types of men and women like different types of men and women.(This is an e Book and is available for download immediately after purchase.