Raddatepicker selected date not updating

28-Oct-2019 05:07 by 4 Comments

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In the "set" I then update the date so the Textbox shows the correct date.

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I have a save button which should become enabled the moment i change the date in date picker.I want the save to be enabled the moment i type in some text using keyboard in the datepicker text box. So i need suggestions which does not require change. But the same button is not getting enabled if i type in a date in Rad Date Picker. I need the same behavior as like the WPF date picker.I am using the following code and it is not working ="" Note: In WPF datepicker i have a "Text" property where the Update Source Trigger works perfectly. Please help Hello Rameshkumar Gundalapudi Vijayakumar, The problem is that the typed value in the Text Box of the control is parsed to a valid date after loosing its focus.That is why it is not updating the Data Context when on property changed.Sincerely yours, Kaloyan the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?Please, could you try it and give me some feedback if you are able to reproduce the issue with this sample.

You could also send us a sample project in which the issue can be observed. Best wishes, George the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?

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Hello, Could you please see the demo and the project I send you in my previous mail.

The project contains a Rad Date Time Picker and a button.

When entering a date by hand and NOT tabbing/clicking somewhere outside of the Rad Date Picker the Selected Date is not written down to de Data Context.