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We met, I was inexplicably attracted to his awkward bowl cut and rather gross brown backpack (gimme a break, we’ve had crushes on people we look at now and go- … The first summer after we started dating, he invited me to come back to Tucson with him (which is the second most uncharacteristically adventurous thing I ever witnessed him doing).14 years old, the summer before Grade 10, flying by myself for the very first time and going to stay with my very first boyfriend and his, I’ll admit it, terrifying mother.

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Benecio and Gertrudis move to Havana where, at the end of his life, Benecio tells Oscar the truth about his family, explaining that: “No man knows who he is until he knows his past, the history of his country.” Acosta is not as graceful a stylist on the page as he is on the stage, but he is a lively storyteller, and the magical realist influence of García Márquez et al comes in handy for skipping over the odd structural inelegance (“I’m the narrator and… I love traditional Mexican delicacies like mole poblano and tacos de lengua.I love Americanized Tex-Mex, those ground beef burritos with melted cheese everywhere.When his parents split up, his Dad and step-mum moved up north to Victoria, BC- my hometown.In an uncharacteristically adventurous move, he decided to follow them and started high school in Canada. Of course, divided families mean divided time, so every Thanksgiving, Christmas and summer break, Finn’s First Boyfriend (henceforth referred to as ‘FFB’) would head back down south to spend time with his mum.Jose and his wife, Betina, adopted the orphan child, Benicio, the future grandfather of the younger Oscar, raising him as the brother of their own children, Gertrudis and Melecio.

The three children are born at the turn of the century, and their fortunes are inextricably linked to those of the newly independent Cuba: their lives a vibrant mixture of superstition, revolution and love.And she isn’t a killjoy who tells her clients to stay at home starving themselves with frozen dinners and mung beans.Instead, they can go to their favorite restaurants like Nobu and Balthazar, and even drink wine or eat cheese.Zuckerbrot’s get-thin plan (otherwise known as the F-Factor) is nothing new.She prescribes a diet of high fiber and lean proteins, which less fashionable organizations like Weight Watchers have advised for years. Zuckerbrot and her comely staff of six women and two men are a living, breathing ad for her business.Heck, let’s expand the borders and say I love pretty much I was 14 the first time I went to Mexico, and how I ended up there was…