Post dating checks in california

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Post dating checks in california

I received 3 separate checks for $575 each dated 2/1/13, 3/1/13 and 4/1/13.The first problem is that they were all immediately stale checks because the year should have been 2014 but I'm sure it was an honest mistake.

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Banking and commercial practices consider a check stale when it was written long ago and the person to whom it was written never cashed it.

Unless you write on the check that it will not be valid after a certain number of days, banks may honor the check.

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Back to top To help protect your accounts or sensitive information when using Mobile or Online Banking, we recommend the following: Back to top Download and launch the mobile application from the Apple, Google Play, or Amazon app stores, or visit m.or from your mobile web browser.When prompted, enter your Online Banking User ID and Password.The first time you sign in, you'll be required to accept the Mobile Banking Service Agreement.According to the code, a personal check becomes "stale dated" six months after you write it.Banks don't have to dishonor stale dated checks, but the Uniform Commercial Code gives a bank the option of refusing these checks.Can you offer any advice for this Central NY loan-not-getting-repaid fool?