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Huskies are one of the very few dogs who have a double coat.This means that Huskies have a long outer fur but a denser shorter coat underneath.

Stevie Wonder led the hoards of A-list guests jetting into Ireland for Rory Mc Ilroy and Erica Stoll's wedding at a 13th-century castle.

Apparently, the pet owner wanted the dog to stay cool and refreshed throughout the scorching months of summer so they decided to get their husky shaved.

However, this method might actually be counterproductive to that intention.

This ceremony ( proskomide ) is especially elaborate in the Byzantine and its derived rites. The bread and wine are arranged, divided, incensed ; and many prayers are said over them involving the idea of an offertory.

The gifts are left there and are brought to the altar in solemn procession at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Faithful. However, when they are placed on the altar prayers are said by the celebrant and a litany by the deacon which repeat the offertory idea.

Simon Brouder With the Leaving Cert results out next Wednesday - in the midst of a national housing crisis - management at IT Tralee are encouraging homeowners in the town to rent out rooms to students.

(Offertorium.) The rite by which the bread and wine are presented (offered) to God before they are consecrated, and the prayers and chant that accompany it.With the summer rapidly approaching and many people frantically preparing their summer bodies, there are still many chores to be done before we can lay out in the sun for a tan.Some of these include planning our vacations, packing our luggage and getting mentally prepared to relax and enjoy some time off work.As he was working in the kitchen of his home in Basel, he spilled a bottle of concentrated nitric acid on the kitchen table.He reached for the nearest cloth, a cotton apron, and wiped it up.When used as a propellant or low-order explosive, it was originally known as guncotton.