Planet fish dating

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Planet fish dating - speed dating pictures

Decades later, when scientists finally led a dig at the site, many important discoveries were made, including a 370-million-year old fish that was recently declared the New South Wales fossil emblem.The Age of Fishes Museum manager Warren Keedle believes they have only scratched the surface at Fish Fossil Drive."We've got the highest concentration of Devonian fish fossils found anywhere in the planet," Mr Keedle said."The dig itself only went to the edge, maybe to the middle of the billabong, so maybe a quarter at the most."Palaeontologist Alex Ritchie led the dig in 1993 and is a strong supporter of re-opening the site, saying there could be huge scientific benefits.

But what his fans especially the male fans don’t know is that besides catching gigantic aquatic life, the English man captures the eyes of women around the world. People often think that Wade’s show is something viewed mostly by men when in reality 45% of the viewers are women.

To satisfy such interests, you must have followed Animal Planet to see some extreme adventures that you hope to someday experience for yourself.

Then you may catch a glimpse of an appealing fish angler, Jeremy Wade.

In Sunday’s episode, Wade travels to the port town of Obidos, the scene of the horrific tragedy, to uncover what answers may lurk in the deep murky waters.

Although the official loss of life can not be confirmed, since records only need to be kept for 10 years, published reports following the event said that only about 180 people survived among the estimated 500 passengers on board the Sobral Santos II — which was overcrowded with excess cargo when it crashed into an unlighted dock.

Even though the accident occurred 33 years ago, it’s still fresh in the minds of the residents of the small Brazilian town — and after speaking with eyewitnesses from that night, Wade is able to come up with quite a list of possible suspects.

As always, Wade gets a line in the water to narrow down what was responsible for the carnage.There must be something about the Blue Eyes, White hair and an English accent that intrigues the women.Maybe it’s the comforting personality of Wade that you see on the show. indicate an even longer tradition of whaling in Japan.However, it wasn't until 1934 that Japan expanded its whaling to Antarctica.In Sunday night’s episode of “River Monsters,” fresh-water detective (and extreme angler) Jeremy Wade tackles the monumental task of narrowing down the suspects in this real-life game of Clue.