Pau gasol dating history

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Pau gasol dating history - dating in the dark britain

He might be one of us now, but he didn’t feel that way at first.

Rumors are a swirling that somehow someway Kobe’s wife is involved in this NBA Smut. We have already had the excitement of Brown’s marriage to Monica (famed singer) in January– see below: I realize that NBA players are serial cheaters (ala Shaq’s trick of buying every mistress a KKKKKia) but Shannon Brown would be a stone cold moron to cheat on Monica in his first year of marriage.Though I must admit Silvia Lopez has got one hell of a banging body (to see more pics click here): Looks like Kobe’s wife couldn’t keep her mouth shut.Kobe Bryant broke a man tradition by revealing to Vanessa that Pau ALSO had an affair.When Pau was in training camp, we [Pau, Marc, younger brother Adria, and their parents, both medical professionals from Spain] came here and stayed downtown at the Marriott, and then we moved into an apartment in Germantown.We were all living in a three-bedroom apartment, the five of us.” Later, Gasol attended White Station High School for two days before anyone figured out he lived in Germantown and couldn’t actually attend a (then) Memphis City School.Marriage is the only truly universal political institution in the world. But think about it: There’s no culture, time or place where marriage of some form doesn’t exist.

Sure, it serves different purposes for different people, but the public sanctioning of marriage, at least partly for reproductive purposes, exists everywhere.Throughout history, it has been common for wealthy men to marry beautiful women in a trade that helped bring many women out of poverty.In the United States, marriage is bifurcated by race, with Black women marrying much later, if at all.(Pau Gasol:) My first day with the Lakers, I met the team at The Ritz in Washington, D.C., and at in the morning there was a knock on my door. You always look away and NEVER EVER throw your teammate under the bus. Shannon Brown is tapping Silvia Castro, Pau is banging groupies on the road and Kobe can’t shut up!