Pakistani dating customs

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Punjabi wedding traditions are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture with ritual, song, dance, food, and dress that have evolved over centuries.

I have gone to weddings held in a back yard to huge wedding held in a church.

Though rings are not exchanged, the couple stand unofficially engaged after this ceremony.

Traditionally when individuals weren't allowed to see their mate.

They were all beautiful, and right for that couple.' No one is really sure when this custom started.

It is believed by many to have begun during the Victorian era, while others argue that it started much earlier than that.

By far the most recognizable traditions can be found in the poem which promises a cheerful marriage.

Keep reading below for many of the oddest wedding customs and traditions from all over the world.The reason will probably be as simple as, ‘well that has been the tea brand in the house for years’!When you marry him, you will bid farewell to the thought of drinking your favourite tea forever because when she dies, your husband will tell you that the tea brand she brought reminds him of her and so will be the only one brought into the house despite her not being there anymore! Your in-laws will want air-conditioners, refrigerators, kitchen utensils, cars, motorbikes and possibly even your nightie. She will not forgive you for the smallest of mistakes and enjoys watching you squirm in your chair, embarrassed. Her precise duties can vary from lovingly criticising you in front of your husband, taunting you with scathing remarks while your husband is not around and haunting you in the middle of the night, even in the privacy of your own bedroom!Here are a few interesting practices you might want to add to your wedding or special event.

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