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Some secular communities seem to be negotiating between conflicting impulses: to separate from religion on the one hand, and to adopt the frameworks often associated with religion on the other.Whereas believers may find solidarity with others at a church, synagogue, temple, or mosque, Hyde said, secular people often have fewer ways to cultivate friendships with those who share similar views.Oasis wants to create this kind of space for people who don’t fit in to traditional faith-based settings.Legal Advocacy Our Legal Advocate assists survivors of domestic and sexual abuse with various issues including: Informing clients of their legal and financial rights and options, Personal Protection Orders and advocacy with law enforcement, court and social services procedures.For self-help with legal issues, including; divorce, child custody, help with DHS, personal protection orders, landlord issues, debt help, etc. Parenting Education Trained advocates and parent educators offer classes, resource material and in-home parent education services.These include: - Oasis supports the communities that it works in by leading a savings and loans group, social services, computer and literacy classes and catch-up classes to deter children from dropping out of school and for those who left formal education prematurely and need support in re-joining.

– Initiatives to combat HIV by raising awareness include a teacher training programme to help schools improve their teaching methods.

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The group focuses on creating a safe place for women to communicate, support eachother, and learn skills to help promote healthy relationships and self- empowerment. Open to the public, please call if you have any questions.

Mindfulness Meditation Group meets weekly to address issues of sexual assault trauma.

Services Offered at No Cost: Counseling Individual and family counseling sessions are available by appointment in a private, confidential setting.

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    Adult and teen users of any race, gender, lifestyle or sex are welcome to participate.