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Wilders, who was convicted last year of incitement to discrimination, advocates an array of contentious positions, including “de-Islamicising Europe”, that have ostracised him from mainstream politicians in the country.

The bill was approved by parliament’s lower house in December including the possibility to use “virtual fictitious creations” pretending to be minors as lures, the NRC daily newspaper reported today.

His prominent far-right challenge means the election will be closely watched internationally, not least in France, given that his ally Le Pen is looking for inspiration The Netherlands, which boasts the fifth largest economy in the Eurozone, goes to the polls on Wednesday in the next big test since Donald Trump’s election and Brexit of whether anti-establishment, conservative forces will continue to make political headway.

With the far-right leading in polls for much of the campaign, the country will soon discover whether much of its longstanding, albeit now fraying liberal political traditions are, now “underwater” like much of its landmass.

According to Ofcom, 66 per cent of parents say they are concerned about what a child might access on the internet, and at the top of their list of concerns is exposure to sexually explicit material.

It is not just knowing that graphic, violent pornography is available on the internet; parents are also worrying about the impact such material may have on their children's – and particularly their sons' – emotional and intellectual development.

A Dutch rights group in 2013 identified over 1,000 paedophiles around the world by offering online sex with a computer-generated 10-year-old Filipina girl called “Sweetie”.

Virtual characters like Sweetie are “the only effective way to stop webcam child-sex tourism,” project leader Hans Guijt recently told Dutch IT online news site Computable.Apart from allowing police to hack into computers, tablets and mobile phones – with a judge’s permission – the new law will also allow police to use so-called “lure teenagers” and virtually-generated “children” to entrap paedophiles.“Lure teenagers” are police agents posing online as minors to entice cyber sex.THE NETHERLANDS IS considering a bill to give police far-ranging powers to prosecute cybercrime, including the ability to hack suspects’ computers or trap suspected paedophiles.The “Computer Crime III” bill will be discussed on Tuesday by the Senate, the last step before becoming law in a country where according to the central statistics office, 92% of its 17 million citizens use the internet.Wilders – who has longstanding connections with right-wing US conservatives and attended the Republican convention in Cleveland last summer – is a fan of the new US President, having recently said he “has done more to beat the mass immigration in two weeks’ time [in office] than the whole European governments in their whole existence”.

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