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Making us simultaneously laugh at its witty humor and cheeky one-liners and cry at its more poignant moments (don’t even get us started on Joyce), the show embodied everything teen fancy is made of, and then some.Its magic was largely due to its perfectly casted characters, like Sarah Michelle Gellar (who we STILL idolize) and Eliza Dushku — what badass babes.

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She has also appeared in films such as Harriet the Spy (1996), Inspector Gadget (1999), Euro Trip (2004), Ice Princess (2005), Black Christmas (2006), 17 Again (2009), Cop Out (2010), Weeds (2011), and Killing Kennedy (2013). Mecklenberg on the Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete from 1994 until 1996.But don’t expect her to do a Buffy reboot anytime soon — as she just told 5.Amber Benson/Tara Maclay: As Willow’s shy but powerfully quiet girlfriend, Benson’s RL persona reflects as much: Sans for a 2008 Barack Obama ad for Move On.org, Benson has remained largely out of the public eye, despite her professional endeavors: Benson is a novelist (she’s even got her own series with fans a shock with her unexpected arrival as Buffy’s little sis Dawn, and she continued to shock us in subsequent roles: Our jaws are still on the floor after her stint as the drug-addled Georgina Sparks in , as many of his roles are foreign (he is UK born and bred, after all), but he’s also busy with his duties as a partner to Sarah Fisher and dad to their two girls Emily and Daisy, who are both also actresses. James Marsters/Spike: Buffy’s unlikely lover (and ultimate savior — we were SO team Spike) is also a musician, playing both solo and as a member of the band Ghost of the Robot. Nicholas Brendon/Xander Harris: Brendon hasn’t fared as well as some of his co-stars since his leading role as Buffy’s best guy pal Xander: He voluntarily entered rehab for alcoholism back in 2004, and was arrested in multiple instances in 2010, 2014, and 2015 for everything from resisting arrest and battery against an officer to trashing his hotel rooms, attacking his girlfriend, and leaving bills unpaid.Today marks 20 years since Buffy, Angel, Xander, Willow aka the Scooby Gang came into our lives - complete with teenage angst and the pressure of having to save Sunnydale from vampires and demons.But how have the cast of She was the kick-ass female who was born with a very special power - to fight vampires.His soul- piercing lyrics backed by thundering rock riffs garnered a Grammy Award, and countless other accolades of creativity and chart domination, not to mention legions of fans, who felt a kindred spirit in his honesty.

Since his original departure from Creed, Stapp has released two solo albums (The Great Divide, 2005 and Proof of Life, 2013 [#1 on Christian charts]), a revealing memoir (Sinner’s Creed, 2012), and a “rebirthed” Creed album, (Full Circle, 2009).Things got a bit tricky when she fell in love with one of them, though.Yep, she fell hard for Angel (more on him, later) and then it all got even trickier when she had sexy times with another one called Spike. (Photo via Rich Polk/Getty) for two years as a woman with the power to relive the day her morgue clients have died in order to prevent their deaths.Though she had a relatively high-profile relationship with LA ball player Rick Fox back in 2009, it didn’t stick, and Dushku has moved on to more intellectual endeavors as a sociology student at Suffolk University.Trachtenberg's film career began in 1996 with the title role in Harriet the Spy.

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