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is really putting the empowered female archetype in the mainstream.Because we’ve seen the empowered female archetype; we’ve seen that before.

viewers, Palka feels that the show lends itself to a deeper understanding of women’s wrestling as a whole.

After hitting her breaking point, Palka’s character evolves into a canine-like creature, taking up residence in the basement, snarling and snapping at anyone who comes near her, all while covered in her own filth and feces. I get it, being a mother and a wife is easily one of the hardest roles anyone will play in their lifetime, with the amount of self-sacrifice being immeasurable at times.

But it is Palka’s approach to the material that left me cold, with her character’s family often making her mental breakdown the butt of their jokes, and taking their own sweet time to get her the professional help that she needs.

We just haven’t seen it in the mainstream in terms of, like, Netflix for example.

Yes, we’ve seen these amazing women on Netflix but it’s just like on another level now,” Palka says.

Plus, we think we have it rough with maintaining a relationship.

Just imagine the physical, mental, and emotional strains these guys and their partners endure.

By giving us very little information on just what is happening throughout , co-writers Nick Damici and Graham Reznick keep viewers firmly entrenched in the violent confusion of our two lead characters, Stupe (Bautista) and Lucy (Snow), as they duck and dodge potential adversaries in the streets.

While I admire the fact that both filmmakers were ambitious enough to want to tackle long takes throughout , trying to hide your cuts within some sloppy camerawork isn’t the best way to cheat the approach (there are at least five different shots of feet shakily going up different flights of stairs where you know that’s precisely where the cut is being hidden), and I would have preferred that they just took a more typical filmmaking path, as it would have benefited the flow of the action even more.

We can sit here and talk about relationships and the fuckery of millennial dating all day long.

And before it was brought to my attention, I never really considered the relationship challenges and dynamics for those who are in the military–namely, how they’re different from the average relationship.

Reviewing BITCH upon its premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Eric Kohn of Indie Wire called it "a chilling look at the destruction of the nuclear family with a vivid, snarling vision driven by the propulsive energy of its biting critique." And Meredith Borders of Birth. Death says, "Bitch won't give you a moment's rest, keeping you anxious and alert until its extremely satisfying and quite lovely conclusion." Nicola Goelzhaeuser said, "Dark Sky Films continues its commitment to supporting the work of female directors, and Marianna Palka's new film is a brave, uncompromising statement from one of the movement's newest leading voices." "We at Mar Vista are thrilled to have Bitch, we are excited about the opportunities MPI will bring with their renowned understanding and expertise in the genre space." Producer Elijah Wood said," Bitch is a totally unique take on a domestic breakdown - intimate, disturbing, tender and incredibly funny. Mom' had a baby, it would be 'Bitch'." ABOUT MPI MEDIA GROUP and DARK SKY FILMS MPI Media Group is a leading producer and distributor of films, television, and more.

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