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For more information on Luann and her man, click through our gallery of their best Instagram photos together.

With friends like these — you might not want to invite them all to your the latest gossip for the market and this is somehow a great news indeed.Luann's fans are happy for her getting love again in her life.Worried or not, though, she was done living with Ms. Bethenny and Carole Have Real Estate Woes Meanwhile, Bethenny Frankel and Carole both had real estate projects of their own.Meanwhile, Sonja stated that Tom may be Luann's guy now, but that she had been "doing him forever." Millionaire D'Agostino gushed about his relationship with People back in January 2016, saying that: cast member Dorinda Medley. works as the President and CEO of Smart Source, which is a corporate print industry company.But to the drama fueled ladies of RHONY, something tells me this little mystery of Who-Did-Tom-When won’t die its timely death anytime soon!

The love story of Luann De Lesseps and Thomas D’ Agostino Jr.

Tinsley confessed that she felt overwhelmed being back in New York, and revealed that she was going to counseling for "post-traumatic stress syndrome" related to her last relationship. Tinsley Goes Apartment Hunting Desperate to escape from Sonja Morgan's townhouse (OK, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but she did want to get her own space), Tins then headed out to look for her own pad with her mom in tow.

(The one that ultimately spiraled so far down that she landed in jail … Trying to be open-minded, Tinsley and her mom checked out a four-bedroom place in the heart of the West Village that listed for ,000 per month in rent. I do business development for a family office and then I also have some family money, so I can afford it," Tinsley said to the camera.

While celebrating her engagement to D’Agostino, De Lesseps and the girls hung out on a yacht in the Palm Beach area, but cast member Bethenny Frankel had bad news as she ventured over from visiting a friend near Miami.

She seemed to have gotten texts that involved D’Agostino cheating on De Lesseps.

De Lesseps has gotten a lot of heat for their relationship as D’Agostino previously dated and fooled around with De Lesseps co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan.

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