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Situated at the foot of the spring which gives its name, this tourist and therapeutic complex is the biggest and most developed along the entire Dead Sea coast.

So if you are a performer by nature, it's a stage show of some kind.

In Aug 2017: How to Stay Motivated ARIES OR ARIES RISING Naturally not every Aries person in the world is going to have a romantic interlude this month.

Got to say, however, that young or old, fit or fragile, mars in the fifth house sextile Jupiter in the seventh – – Well there's a lot of love there.

Notwithstanding, it has been visited by humans since their hunter-gatherer days many thousands of years ago throughout history to the present day.

In biblical times the area supplied salt to the world from the huge deposit known as Mount Sodom just south of Ein Bokek.

Today, the few people who remain are hardy individualist types looking for isolation and a cheap place to live. Night shooting these neighborhoods twenty years later found a desolate quagmire peppered with block after block of abandoned trailers, homes and businesses.

The ground was covered with a jagged white crust glowing brightly in the moonlight.

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Every few steps it’d crack under your weight, sinking you ankle deep, into the stinking mud.