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Sex in the animal kingdom is as nuanced as it is in the human realm; and sex-for-pleasure, it seems, is not just restricted to .

If you like these shows you can always pay the perfomer in tokens or real money.

Monitor common people from the street as they change clothes, take a piddle - or even do the nasty!

The Museum invites patrons to explore the most intimate part of the natural life cycle, where it is often said we are most animal-like, and apply these concepts to larger issues regarding sexuality in general.

showcases life-sized animal sculptures created by Rune Olsen commissioned by The Museum of Sex.

Niles Eldredge, Curator in the Division of Paleontology, The American Museum of Natural History Mark Elgar Professor of Zoology, University of Melbourne Ron Magill Goodwill Ambassador and Director of Communications, Miami Metro Zoo Kees Moeliker Curator, Natural History Museum Rotterdam Amy Parish, Ph. University of Southern California Nancy Solomon Associate Professor of Zoology, Miami University in Ohio Volker Sommer Professor of Anthropology, University College London Christian Sonne, DVM, Ph. Senior Research Scientist and Wildlife Veterinarian and Toxicologist, NERI, University of Aarhus, Denmark Laurie J.

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