Live sex cam trial

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Live sex cam trial

“I took his words for consideration that I’m an inmate and nobody did believe me for first.”The woman said she reported the attack the following day.

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SAN ANTONIO - Former officers Alejandro Chapa and Emmanuel Galindo, who were accused of luring women into participating in what was a fake undercover operation in exchange for money and other considerations, were found guilty on the charges brought against them.

During closing arguments in the trial of the two former San Antonio police officers, defense attorneys echoed a familiar argument.

During closing arguments Friday morning, defense attorney Leigh Cutter told the jury, “Not one person got up there and said, ‘He threatened to take or withhold action, as a cop, to force me to have sex with him.’”Prosecutors countered that the promise of cash and considerations in other areas constituted promotion of prostitution. The others were sexual assault and official oppression.“These two are criminals, what they’ve done was illegal,” prosecutor Ryan Wright told the jury.“They were tricked into thinking, ‘If I have sex, I’ll get money,” prosecutor David Lunan said.

The officers face a punishment of 2-20 years in prison.

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