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They were the ones in dark clothing, hanging outside gas stations at night or waiting in the woods behind my house for me to go for a run by myself. They held a cigarette between yellow, rotting teeth.And every once in a while, they cleaned themselves up, put on nice clothes, and pretended to be an overly friendly stranger that tried to tempt kids like me with candy or ice cream or a ride in their windowless van.

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Bring me to my knees, alone on a cold, hard floor, and you might think then, that you’ve won… I will take another step forward, no matter how small or how shaky.

I watched as the bad guys tried to capture an adult woman dressed as a little girl and convince her to do drugs.

I watched her save herself by running back to her friends.

If abusers were forced to wear a flashing sign that said “I’m an abuser,” and psychopaths came with the warning label, “Proceed with caution: I’m crazy,” then we would know not to trust them and we wouldn’t date them.

Unfortunately, identifying an abuser is not this easy.

Aren’t we supposed to sacrifice a little and compromise a little and aren’t we supposed to forgive??

When I think about it, even when things got better and Dave seemed like he was back to being the loving version of my boyfriend, I would tell myself that I was so happy and so lucky and that everything was perfect again….I always felt the tension in my gut.

If we do not come to this, the cost of schooling is wasted.

I was very interested in the relationship between the man who speaks and the woman who listens.

They were obvious, even to a four-year old, no matter how clever their disguise.

Build a whole army of puppet followers who all agree with you.

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