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Korver scored 16 of his 18 points during the second quarter, which was the second-most amount of points he's ever scored during a single quarter of action through the regular-season or playoffs.

Korver will continue to provide Cleveland with some elite 3-point shooting, but the 36-year-old won't have much value in fantasy hoops.He'll likely be around 20 minutes per game going forward. With the Raptors 905 last year, Tavares won D-League Defensive Player of the Year for 2017, but he never made it up to the big club in Toronto.He'll likely be around 20 minutes per game going forward.Through 35 games with the Cavs last season, Korver compiled averages of 10.7 points and 2.8 triples per contest on 48.7 percent shooting, so he's basically just a 3-point specialist in deep leagues.One of the reasons the Cavs felt comfortable trading a future first-round pick for Korver back in January was so they would have his Bird Rights once he hit free agency in July.He grew up in the Los Angeles area, and was a Los Angeles Lakers fan as a child.

Watching Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and the Showtime Lakers instilled a love of basketball in Korver that made him want to pursue it himself.

However, as Irving waltz into the paint, De Rozan completely loses track of Korver.

Irving gets the spectacular hoop, and yet, there was another option available.

As a junior, Korver led the Bluejays to both the Missouri Valley Conference regular season and conference tournament championships.

He was then named MVC Player of the Year and an honorable mention All-American.

He only scored a combined 14 points in his previous three games, but that kind of shooting line tonight can get anyone hot.