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We don’t really know what’s going to happen and the chaos that comes along with that is exhilarating.It sounds so corny but all we’ve ever done is as a band is to try and make music that gets us excited and hopefully other people will like it to.

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It’s just a term, so people can get an idea where you fall even if it may not have anything do to with you. Nowadays , if you don’t have a song that’s palpable to a large audience right away, it’s like you don’t have a chance. We can put out songs, tour and have that loyal fan base. Incubus switched from Epic/Immortal (Sony) to Island. The bill is really solid, and it’s only the beginning of the tour. Talk about that song “When I Became a Man.” It’s a really weird, funny interlude that reflects to little nuggets you’ve done on Where did that come from?

I emulated what they did and made my own style through the years. I play DW, Drum Workshop drums, Zildjian cymbols and Remo heads. Incubus has been labeled with term in the early years, and it’s followed your career. We’re across the board, never fitting in, but we made ourselves acclimate to be part of the music scene someway and somehow. To go along with not falling into a category, how has the music industry changed in the last couple decades? We were a band which got involved with a label interested in long-term and developing the band. In 26 years, we’ve developed a great fan base where we don’t have to sell music. It was a pleasure working with him, because his energy is amazing. They’re a group filled with a lot of really good guys. Brandon was on the mic, and it caught his attention. It was really funny, but we weren’t going to put it on the record. He’s like, ‘Dude, this thing has to make the record. It’s you guys.” Any pre- or post-show superstitions?

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Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips says he hopes he will be fortunate enough to tour "for the rest of my life." The 26-year-old recording artist took part in a recent press day in New York promoting Live Nation's 2017 concerts and talking to reporters alongside his fellow alums Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry; Ryan Tedder from One Republic; Jose Pasillas and Brandon Boyd from Incubus; John Rzeznik from Goo Goo Dolls; Gary Pihl from Boston; and Mick Jones and Kelly Hansen from Foreigner. When I go on tour, we play a different show every night -- different set, different jams and all that stuff," he went on.

Whether you aim for a smooth “in the pocket” sound like John “Jabo” Starks of the J.

B.’s or a rough rock sound like Jose Pasillas of Incubus, you'll further your development as an excellent and expressive drummer who can effectively bring multiple styles to the table. This hands-on workshop will help you produce a good sound, play with healthy technique, and learn the essential concepts, sounds, and rhythms of West African djembe drumming.

Incubus, by definition, can be either a demon or a California alternative rock band, which has roots dating back to the early 1990s. In the last week and a half of shows, we’ve been playing a lot of new material. There was a six-year span between EP a couple years ago and were planning to produce a second EP. We’re all in the room together, devouring the idea. Yeah, that part has been pretty much the same since the beginning. Also, we’d have to learn all the facets of distributing and marketing. When we signed with them three years ago, it’s been working out better.

Luckily, central New York and the Lakeview Amphitheater, 490 Restoration Way, will be being paid a visit by the latter. After juggling writing music, touring and rehearsing it would have been a bit much. We decided after that we’re going to focus our attention solely on writing, so we came out with the LP. We were also busy with our individual projects, and then it just happened to be six years of time. We do what we feel is natural and follow intuition. We’ve always chose to go with something that’s had that in place.

Asked by UPI if he could see himself touring for decades and still enjoying it like some of the other artists at the event appear to be, Phillips replied: "Yeah, yeah. I hope so anyways because I'm not really good at anything else. "I hope to be doing this for the rest of my life." Phillips will be joining Goo Goo Dolls on their So excited to be touring w/ @googoodolls this summer!

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